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Jesus and the Crimson Worm p 2

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Famed evolutionist Richard Dawkins tells students there's no purpose to life, that we were evolved millions of years ago from monkeys. Dr Jobe Martin, author of The Evolution of a Creationist, gives examples disproving evolution, such as the bombardier beetle that shoots fire made from chemicals produced in its body to ward off predators. To function, all the right chemicals had to be created at the same time, not gradually bit by bit. For the giraffe to be able to bend its long head down, it needs a special blood vessel system created fully formed not bit by bit. Creatures that defy evolution prove a Creator!
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At Issues in Education children are our
#1 priority. Children are our future.
Their education is not a side issue
with us. This is THE issue that will
determine the future of our nation.

Suffer the Children

Click the play button on the video player (lower left corner) to see shocking news about what our children are being taught in public schools.

Major Publication writes about Issues in Education

The story that features Issues in Education, and Bob & Geri Boyd, just broke on Renew America, a very prominent site that many, many news organizations pick up, including USA Today from that site. Here is the link:


More publications are coming. As of now, Issues in Education is being read about in the U.S., Brazil, Iran, France and Germany. Again, more countries will be added.

And you are free to use any part of the story in any of your newsletters or other publications or broadcasts.

All credit goes to the ONE who makes it possible, our Lord Jesus.


Bob & Geri Boyd

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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