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Side A: 2/12/2022

God's Creative Genius


God brilliantly knit our bodies together to show His creative genius. God's creative genius in the physical realms leads us to want to know Him. Best selling author, Philip Yancy, author of Fearfully and Wonderfully, who survived a near fatal car accident, surprisingly talks about the benefits of pain. Until God became flesh as Jesus, he had not truly experienced pain and suffering as we do. If you want to know how God feels about our pain and suffering, look at how Jesus responded when He was on earth. Without Jesus, we would not know the love of God. The inspiration behind "Fearfully" is surgeon Paul Brand.

Side B: 2/5/2022

Evolution's False Evidence



Scientists have censored and fabricated evidence that disproves evolution. Jack Cuozzo, author of Buried Alive - The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man, was the only creationist who saw the original bones used to support evolution and he says they are fraudulent. Evolutionists claimed Neanderthal man was a transitional species. Dr Cuozzo says Neanderthal man was one of the ancient people who had a different DNA from ours because they lived hundreds of years. Dr Cuozzo describes the huge bones of these ancient patriarchs. The teeth of ancient lions and crocodiles consisted of molars for grinding vegetation.

Side A: 1/29/2022

Why Does God Allow Suffering?


What do many Christians with weak faith do when disaster strikes? Radio and TV host, Joni Eareckson Tada, author of more than 50 books including, An Unforgettable Story, has suffered for over 50 years with quadriplegia and extreme pain. Then she got breast cancer! What helps is focusing on Jesus and his suffering to pay for our salvation. Tim Hansel, author of You Gotta Keep Dancin'- In The Midst of Life's Hurts You Can Choose Joy, suffered a tragic fall that broke his back, causing him to be in extreme pain, says, " This light and momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond comparison!"

Side B: 1/22/2022

Was Jesus A Socialist?



Has our nation become a socialist nation? Rand Paul and his wife Kelly, authors of The Case Against Socialism, say socialists use Scandinavia as an idyllic socialist nation. But the Scandinavian economy is funded by capitalism. Young Americans don't know how the socialist USSR, Nazi Germany and China slaughtered about 100 million people! Jay Richards, author of Money, Greed, & God, says Jesus parable of the talents is a classic case for capitalism. Private property ownership is capitalism. The Ten Commandments to not steal or covet, include individual ownership of property, otherwise there would be nothing to steal.

Side A: 1/15/2022

Killing Roe


The Supreme Court decision in Roe v Wade has had a disastrous affect on our nation by killing a whole generation of over 62 million babies. Legalizing abortion declared children in their mother are not people and can be killed legally. Recently the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case that could overturn Roe. Attorney Laura Ingram, host of Fox's Ingram Angle, says the arguments presented to the court for keeping Roe legal are bogus. Senator Josh Hawley says it's time the American people had the choice. Ted Cruz said he hopes the Supremes will turn this issue back to the states to decide on abortion.

Side B: 1/8/2022

Signs we are Living in the



How do we know we are living in the end times? Bible teacher Don Stewart, author of 25 Signs We Are Near the End, says, Never before has there been the technology to show the whole world at the same time the two witnesses of God lying dead in the street miraculously coming back to life. Don Stewart tells of the ubiquitous Starlink satellites that will enable everyone around the world to see this at the same time. Pastor Billy Crone, author of The Final Countdown - The AI Invasion, says artificial intelligence will help the Antichrist to monitor the whole world to see who worships his image and takes his mark.

Side A: 1/1/2021

Great Health Naturally


Public health officials warn that this generation is at greater risk for heart disease and diabetes. Children who eat just three hot dogs a week have 9 times the risk of getting leukemia. Americans are dieting more but are more overweight than ever which increases their risk of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Dr Ted Broer, a nutrition expert and author of Maximum Fat Loss and Maximum Energy, gives a comprehensive overview of a good diet and foods to avoid. He warns of Ritalin use for ADHD. Lifelong habits are established in youth, yet 27% of young people are too fat to fight in the military.

Side B: 12/25/2021

Christmas Special



It's amazing that the God who created everything from nothing came to earth as a single cell. Bruce Marchiano, the gifted actor who played the part of Jesus in more movies than any other actor, gives a profound description of the joy and wonder of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a man of joy demonstrating the Kingdom with miraculous signs. He came to serve and give people healing and life, but many, to their own detriment, walked away. God gave up the riches of heaven to live a humble life and die for others. God in the flesh describes Himself as gentle and humble. He is a sensitive man full of love for lost people.

Side A: 12/18/2021

Abundant Life in Jesus, pt 2


There's plenty of information but little transformation! People know what Jesus taught but not how He lived. Stephen Smith, author of The Jesus Life, Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity, says "Jesus was not stressed as many of us are today. He enjoyed life with dinners, debates and long walks with his disciples, yet He regularly got away to be alone in prayer. The dinner table is more than simply eating but fellowship and acceptance." Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love changes atheists into followers of Christ. To live as Jesus lived means to savor and enjoy life not just endure it.

Side B: 12/11/2021

Abundant Life in Jesus, pt 1



Are you ruled by the tyranny of the urgent, hurrying through life and not enjoying it? Are you addicted to being busy or to your i-phone? Hurry, anxiety and stress are enemies of a healthy spiritual life that separate us from God. John Mark Comer gave up his 7000-member mega-church, because he was burned out. He now pastors a smaller church in Portland. John Mark Comer, the author of The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, says Jesus's life was not hurried but full of peace, love and joy. Slow down, spend time with God and have a better life. Since Jesus needed solitary time in prayer, how much more do we?

Side A: 12/4/2021

Marxist Threat to Freedom of Speech pt2


Rep, Jim Jordan says that parents who protest critical race theory are called domestic terrorists by the Justice Department. An angry dad was arrested for protesting the rape of his daughter in the girl's restroom by a'trans' boy dressed like a girl. Xi Van Fleet lived in China during the communist Cultural Revolution says it's very similar to what's happening here. Dr Carol Swain says we are at a'do or die' moment in our nation. Senator Josh Hawley says parents are being told that if they express their views at a school board, they can be investigated for terrorism. Silencing free speech is a threat to all our freedoms.

Side B: 11/27/2021

Marxist Threat to Freedom of Speech pt1



The Biden administration unleashed the FBI, not against jihadists, nor Chinese spies or drug cartels, but moms and dads speaking at school boards. The evil forces behind the Biden administration are silencing free speech, but it's part of the Marxist agenda says TV host Judge Jeanine Pirro. Senators Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton angrily grilled Attorney General Garland during a Senate hearing-calling parents domestic terrorists liable for prosecution for speaking out against the Marxist CRT. Rep Veronica Spartz, born in the USSR, knows what it's like to live in fear, says the trend here is much the same as USSR.

Side A: 11/20/2021



Pastor Garrett Lear, whose ancestors came here on the Mayflower, says this Christian country is being stolen! Peter Marshall, author of The Light and The Glory, says the Pilgrims didn't come here for religious freedom but they came here as missionaries. The Pilgrims were starving, with only 5 kernels of corn a day, but God brought an English speaking Indian who taught them survival skills. Dr John Pafford says it was the strong Christian faith of the Pilgrims that established this nation as a Christian commonwealth and fostered a free market economy. Vaughn Shatzer says Christianity was foundational to all aspects of life.

Side B: 11/13/2021

The Myth of Evolution



Who's right, the public school science teacher or the pastor? Most pastors don't teach the scientific source of origins but leave that to the secular science teachers. Is it any wonder a majority of public school students become evolutionists? James Perloff, author of Tornado in a Junkyard and The Case Against Darwin, gives solid scientific reasons to believe the Biblical account and reject the myth of evolution. Darwin didn't know about genetics, but we know now that genetics disproves evolution. The consequences of evolution are endemic as seen in the evils of abortion and communism. Marx saw people as evolved animals.

Side A: 11/6/2021

Our Valiant Veterans


On the Korean Memorial are these words, "Freedom is not free!" Think of the high price paid by our brave veterans. Many gave their tomorrows for our todays. This Veterans Day inspirational program features a captivating account by Korean veteran Ed Reeves, who fought for his life in minus 30 to 40 degree temperatures. It was so cold, the bullet holes in his body froze shut and kept him from bleeding to death. Even after almost all the others were killed, Ed Reeves clung to his faith and Bible, and fought on despite his life-threatening wounds without ammunition. This miraculous account is spell binding.

Side B: 10/30/2021

Where's America in the End Times?



What happens to America in end times? Dennis Prager tells of a teacher who says the American flag is a symbol of oppression. To those in communist countries, our flag represents freedom. Steve Hilton, host of The Next Revolution, says the Biden Administration is an enemy to our nation. Prophecy expert, Amir Tsarfati, author of The Day Approaching and Israel & the Church, describes us leaving heaven to follow Christ back to earth to end the Great Tribulation, then rule with Him in the Millennium in our Resurrected bodies and finally live forever in the New Jerusalem. We are closer to the Rapture than ever.

Side A: 10/23/2021

The Dangers of Islam


Why are public schools promoting Islam when Christianity gave us freedom and prosperity? Martin Mawyer, author of Twilight In America -The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America, describes the 3 dozen camps he has personally seen and how they plan to take over America for Allah. Dr Bob Morey, an expert on Islam, and author of over 40 books, with two doctorates, says Muslims are planning a massive attack (with a nuclear device) in America to bring this nation under subjection to the barbaric Sharia Law. How can we prevent and even defeat this coming Islamic devastating attack?

Side B: 10/16/2021

The Faith of the Martyrs



How did just a small group of Christians change the world, yet today millions of Christians are changed by the world? Ted Byfield, author of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years, says the world was convinced of the truth of the gospel, because Christians demonstrated their faith through the most gruesome tortures and death. Todd Nettleson, with the Voice of the Martyrs, gives fascinating accounts from his book Extreme Devotion, such as the mother who refused to deny Christ despite being forced to watch her children hanged, and she was run over by a steamroller. Supernatural courage originates with God.

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