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Side A: 3/5/2016

Salt and Light


Never have so many Christians been so irrelevant. Why? Americans increasingly believe government can solve their problems and equality comes through socialism. James Robison, co-author of Indivisible - Restoring Faith, Family and Freedom, says God is giving Christians a mandate to be salt in this dying culture. Jay Richards, co-author of Indivisible, and author of Money, Greed, & God, dispels economic myths taught as facts in schools that lead students to become socialists. Were early Christians socialists, communists or capitalists? How can we best help the poor?How do moral issues affect economic issues?

Side B: 2/27/2016

Why Muslims Want to Kill Us



Why do Muslim terrorists want to kill us? Walid Shoebat knows - he was one. Americans have no idea the motivation of Muslims or how to combat Islamic terror. Walid Shoebat believed his only chance to go to heaven was to die in jihad. Walid came here from the Middle East as a college student to raise money and recruit students for jihad. For naïve Americans who think Islam is just another religion, he details the horrors of jihad and the barbaric Sharia Law. Walid, now a Christian and author of Why I Left Jihad and Why We Want to Kill You, warns of the dangers of Islam that's winning university students.

Side A: 2/20/2016

A Nation Born in A Day part 2


We are witnessing Biblical prophecy being fulfilled in our time. Israel was prophesied thousands of years ago to be born in a day! Scriptures say all nations will come against Israel. Does that include America, as this nation turns away from Israel and supports Israel's enemies? Chuck Crismier, author of King of the Mountain, the Eternal, Epic, End-Time Battle, says, "The culmination of prophecy with world wide nuclear war could usher in the end of our age." Joel Rosenberg, author of Damascus Countdown, says, "An atomic Iran could do in 6 minutes what it took Hitler 6 years to do, kill 6 million Jews."

Side B: 2/13/2016

A Nation Born in A Day part 1



What would the world be like if Israel owned all the oil rich land God gave Abraham and his descendants? If Israel got all the land promised by God, it would turn a 10 million population into 300 million people living in an area the size of America. Paul Toberty, who owned radio stations and hosted programs on TBN, is the author of A Nation Born in A Day - How God's Land Grant to Abraham Affects World Affairs and End Times. He says, "The sooner the land grant to Israel is fulfilled, the sooner this age comes to fulfillment in Christ." God's promise will be fulfilled. What are the signs it's going to be soon?

Side A: 2/5/2016

Revisiting Nazi Germany


"Hitler didn't take Austria by force; we elected that monster in 1938 when 98% voted to annex Austria to Germany, because 30% of Austrians were out of work. I'm an eyewitness to history," said Kitty Werthmann. What was it like to live under Nazi (the National Socialist Party) Germany with Hitler? Are there parallels in our nation today? A socialist bureaucracy takes control over guns, education, healthcare, and the economy -with massive spending that leads to hyperinflation. Out of 18,000 German pastors, only 200 refused to sign a loyalty oath to Hitler. Many Germans said Hitler was a gift from God.

Side B: 1/30/2016

End Times and Israel



Our borders being breached by Isis and Syrian Muslims is minor compared with the invasion of the spirit of anti-Christ. This spirit of anti-Christ will change our nation's allegiance from God to Allah. What needs to happen prophetically before the return of Christ? Satan's strategy is to use a DNA marker to selectively eliminate Aaron's descendants to stop the formation of the 3rd temple and delay the return of Christ. Zec 14 says Jerusalem will be captured, but the Lord will defeat His enemies and establish His Kingdom. Eric Walker, an expert in Biblical prophecy, is the author of The Codist -The Aaron Chronicles.

Side A: 1/23/2016

None Dare Call It Islam part 2


Obama, born and raised a Muslim, says "Islam is peaceful," despite what that the Koran says to kill infidels. Obama says, "It's shameful to discriminate based on religion." Then he discriminates against Christians denying them to immigrate in. John Rabe, TV producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries, the author of None Dare Call It Islam, says, "Islam is not just a religion but an all-encompassing ideology dictating every aspect of life with Sharia law, theocracy, diet and dress." Islam means submit to Allah. The Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriage is Constitutional! Do we need to obey it as the law of the land?

Side B: 1/16/2016

None Dare Call It Islam part 1



Are we witnessing the start of an Islamic invasion as the single deadliest attack since 911 happened here in our heartland? Fear of terrorism is heightened when the President won't protect us and won't even name our enemy, but enables our enemy massive access into our nation. John Rabe, radio & TV producer for D. James Kennedy Ministries, is the author of None Dare Call It Islam. Why does the President and the media pretend Islam has nothing to do with violence? Soon after Islamic massacres, the President talks about gun control, the Crusades and slavery to try to equate Christianity with Islam.

Side A: 1/9/2016

The Mysterious Depths of God


Intelligent design indicates a Designer. Nothing in science is as certain as God's revelation in nature. Dr Richard Swenson, physician, physicist and best selling author of More Than Meets The Eye - Fascinating Glimpses of God's Power and Design, describes the wonders of the human eye, ear, brain (the most complex arrangement of matter in the universe), and the mysterious dimensions beyond the universe. God works in between time and has an eternity to answer every ones prayers! The physical universe may be a tiny molecule on God's throne. God displays power, precision and beauty in His universe.

Side B: 1/2/2016

The Wonder Working God



Do you believe in miracles? If you are a follower of Christ, YOU ARE a miracle! Why did Jesus perform miracles? Pastor Jared Wilson, author of The Wonder Working God - Seeing the Glory of Jesus in His Miracles, says the miracles are secondary to Who and why He is doing them. Jesus did many magnificent miracles such as; turning the water into wine, having Peter go catch a fish and take the coin out of its mouth to pay the tax, calming the storm at sea, healing diseases and raising the dead, to give us a glimpse into heaven. But the greatest miracle is God coming to earth as Jesus! Jesus uses humor to make a point.

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