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Side A: 5/28/2016

Legend part 1


As schools downplay patriotism and heroism and emphasize globalism, they fail to inspire young people to defend this great nation. There are many misconceptions of the Viet Nam War, that America was imperialist not defending the freedom of the South Vietnamese. Eric Blehm, author of Legend - A Harrowing Story From the Vietnam War of one Green Beret's Heroic Mission, brilliantly describes the heroic Sergeant Roy Benavidez, an amazing Green Beret legend who continued to rescue fellow soldiers even though he had 30 bullet, bayonet and shrapnel wounds. Captivating cuts of Benavidez's inspirational speech.

Side B: 5/21/2016

Valor part 1



Freedom is not free but purchased at great cost. Memorial Day is a day to remember the sacrifices that paid for our freedoms. Gary Horton, a motivational school assembly speaker, was an Army Ranger who fought for our freedoms, yet he's not given the freedom to speak about his Christian faith in public schools. Schools have re-written our history, banned the flag, and banned the motto and the pledge. Christians have accepted the lie that we must deny our faith in public and deny the basis of where our freedoms came from- Biblical Christianity. Without this understanding, our freedoms are in grave jeopardy.

Side A: 5/14/2016

Answering the Skeptic part 2


What would you say to a skeptic who asks, "What makes your religion any different?" What do you say to the skeptic who says science has disproved the Bible? Bill Foster, author of Meet the Skeptic - A Field Guide to Faith Conversations, says before you give an answer ask a question, "How has science disproved the Bible?" "What are the contradictions in the Bible?" Words like, "in Christ," or "inspired by God," have different meanings for skeptics. Never qualify a Biblical verse with "for me," which renders the scripture subjective and irrelevant. Why can't a person get to heaven by being good? What is good?

Side B: 5/7/2016

Biblical Truth part 1



This generation has been raised to believe there are no absolutes. But isn't that an absolute? Who can say what's right and what's wrong? In this age of skepticism, how can we know the Bible is God's inspired Word? Richard Simmons, author of an excellent apologetic entitled Reliable Truth - The Validity of the Bible In An Age of Skepticism, says, "Some people believe the Bible is mythological without ever reading it. The Bible is not abstract philosophical ideas but actual historical events, real people describing real events. There is proof for the reliability of the Bible in archaeology and eyewitness testimonies."

Side A: 4/30/2016

From Islam to Freedom part 1


Islam in the schools is part of our enemy's strategy to defeat us. There are grave national consequences as schools brainwash students into Islam under the guise of multiculturalism. Dr Robert Morey, an expert on Islam, and author of The Islamic Invasion, says that Saudi Arabia is spending billions to convert Americans to Islam, much of it through our schools. Why do Muslims want to kill innocent Americans? Who was Mohammed? Is Allah just another name for God? How can we stop the Islamic invasion that will bring this nation under Sharia Law. Dr Morey says there are already nuclear devices here.

Side B: 4/23/2016

From Communism to Freedom part 1



We take our precious God given freedoms for granted. Powerful forces want to make our nation socialist even communist. Immigrant Jamie Glasov describes the terror and oppression in the USSR before coming here but how America was like heaven. As a graduate student, Jamie tells how university professors believe and teach that communism is wonderful and capitalism is oppressive! Russian military scientist, Dr Igor Shafhid, author of Inside the Red Zone, says, "We could lose a city to terrorists and recover, but if we adopt a communist ideology, the whole country is lost." Dr Shafhid is now a Christian.

Side A: 4/16/2016

Happiness Part 2


Is God more concerned with our holiness than our happiness? The Bible says Jesus was a man of sorrows acquainted with grief. But was Jesus happy? Is there a difference between happiness and joy? Randy Alcorn, best selling author of 40 books, is the author of Happiness. Christians are perceived as gloomy legalists. But people are drawn to happy people. So believers who show the happiness of Christ will attract others to Him. The joy of the Lord is no small trifle with God. The closer we draw to the Source of Joy the more we can experience all the happiness God has for us. God is happy and wants us to be happy also.

Side B: 4/9/2016

Heaven Part 1



What is heaven like? Will we have the same personality, with our mind completely intact, in heaven? Imagine your best vacation multiplied by infinity, and you get a glimpse of heaven. The best moments on earth are a taste of heaven. Randy Alcorn, an authority on heaven and best selling author of 40 books, selling over 9 million copies, is the author of Heaven. Randy Alcorn vividly describes what we can expect in Heaven, and on the New Earth, according to the Bible. The heaven we enter when we die is temporary. The future heaven is not a non-earth, but the New Earth where God comes to live with us.

Side A: 4/2/2016

Do Heaven and Hell Really Exist?



What will happen to you after you die? How can you be certain that you will go to heaven? Are heaven and hell real places?

Are there people alive and celebrating in heaven while others are suffering in hell? Best selling author Bill Weise, author of What Happens When I Die? True Stories of the After Life and What They Tell Us About Eternity, describes some fascinating accounts of what people experienced after death, and they came back to warn us of the reality of eternity. A scientist, who came close to dying, said, "It's easy to be an atheist when you're successful but very hard when you're on your deathbed."

Side B: 3/26/2016

Christ's Resurrection



The greatest event in all history, even greater than the Creation itself, is the Resurrection of its Creator - Jesus Christ. God, Who was worshipped and obeyed in heaven, Who created universes, came to a tiny, rebellious planet, became a man and allowed himself to be tortured and killed to save us from hell. The greatest words ever spoken are "Christ is risen!" Bruce Marchiano, the gifted actor who played the part of Jesus in The Gospel According to Matthew, says Jesus wasn't a victim caught by surprise, but He died an excruciating death so that we could be with Him forever as part of His eternal Family!

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