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Side A: 12/10/2016

Ancient People Were Not Cavemen


The idea that ancient men were primitive brutes, cave men, is a myth based on evolution that contradicts the Biblical account. Ancient people had extreme intelligence, plus lived hundreds of years, and thus invented amazing things. Don Landis, editor of The Genius of Ancient Man-Evolution's Nightmare, gives examples such as the thousands of pyramids around the world that used massive 100-ton stones fitted together so precisely you couldn't slide a credit card in the joints. In the religious tower of Babel, man rebelled against God and tried to be God. The religion of Babel is still here today.

Side B: 12/3/2016

Letting Go of The World



As students get a socialist education they become socialists. But socialism only brings poverty. Cuban refugee turned successful business owner, Aurelio Barreto, founder of C28 Christian Stores and author of Not of This World, tells how socialism stole his family's wealth in Cuba. Although he started with nothing in L.A., he became a multimillionaire through his Christian stores. But many malls would not let a Christian store in because it was too "controversial." Over 16,000 people have received Christ through his stores. Aurelio says, "If I lost everything but still had Christ, I would have it all."

Side A: 11/26/2016

Thanksgiving part 2


Do you thank God for every situation in your life, even the bad ones? Could you thank God for a child with ADHD or blindness? God has a gift for you that will enable you to go through the worst of times and enrich you to enjoy the best of times. Merlin Carothers, author of Prison to Praise, which isn't about a prison with bars but a prison of circumstances, says praising the Lord in bad circumstances demonstrates trust in Him. Praise is not a magic formula to manipulate God but genuine gratitude that pleases God and gives you His peace and joy and sometimes-miraculous answers. Praise works wonders!

Side B: 11/19/2016

Thanksgiving part 1



Schools teach that Thanksgiving was a feast for racial harmony with Indians instead of Pilgrims giving thanks to God. Peter Marshall, author of The Light and The Glory, describes the first Thanksgiving when Pilgrims were starving with only 5 kernels of corn a day. Connie Ricks a 4th grade teacher reads the diary of a girl who came over on the Mayflower and the struggles they endured. Why did the Pilgrims come here? Peter Marshall says they came here to bring the gospel to the Indians. Vaughn Shatzer, author of The History of American, describes how Christianity was foundational for Law and education.

Side A: 11/12/2016

Capitalism vs. Socialism


Professors have convinced many impressionable students that Marxism helps the poor more than capitalism. But socialism and communism not only haven't helped the poor but slaughtered them. The USSR and China slaughtered about 100 million people in the last century. What's the difference between a liberalism, socialism and communism? Jesus and the early Christians were not socialists! Jay Richards, author of Money, Greed, & God, dispels economic myths that lead students to become socialists. How do moral issues affect economic issues? The biggest cause of poverty is single motherhood.

Side B: 11/5/2016

Our Last Real Choice



With an increase in Muslim terrorism, why do Obama and Hillary want to increase Muslim immigration? Wayne Root, author of Angry White Male - How the Donald Trump Phenomena is Changing America, was a classmate of Obama's and says they were taught by Marxist profs how to destroy the middle class and capitalism to create a socialist nation. The basics that made America great, love of God, country and capitalism, are threatened by radical powerful elites that hate America and want it to be another 3rd world Marxist nation! What would be the difference between a Trump & Hillary Presidency?

Side A: 10/29/2016

Well Versed pt 2


The Bible tells us to pray for those in authority. We need an outpouring of prayer for this crucial election. Pastor Jim Garlow, of Skyline Church and author of Well Versed - Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues, says, "Many pastors say they don't discuss politics. Does that mean they would have remained silent on slavery? That was political." We aren't electing a pastor but a President. God raised a pagan King Cyrus and a coarse Churchill, because they were right for that time. So has God raised up Trump? Biblically illiterate Christians don' t connect elections to persecution, degeneracy and judgment.

Side B: 10/22/2016

Well Versed pt 1



America was a model for the world as a Christian nation. But now our nation is on the verge of God's judgment. Why have pastors become silent on social and political issues? Pastor Jim Garlow, of Skyline Church and author of Well Versed - Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues, says, "Polls show Christians want their Pastors to teach on Biblical solutions to issues, but silence from the pulpit has led to Biblical illiteracy. We have violated God's Word on these issues. It's not a matter of opinion but what God says in His Word on these issues." What about church tax status and the separation of church and state?

Side A: 10/15/2016

Deliver Us From Evil part 2


For Christians who don't vote, you're giving our nation over to anti-Christian forces to rule over us. Matt Staver, founder of Liberty Council, says, "Behind the personalities of the candidates are vast differences in their party platforms." The difference is between life and death, homosexuality versus religious freedom, rule by the Constitution or the whims of between 3-5 radical Justices appointed if the President is the Democrat. This is a spiritual war where winner the will be determined, not by bullets, but by the ballots. If Christians don't vote, we will be persecuted by the most corrupt and evil rulers in history.

Side B: 10/8/2016

Deliver Us From Evil part 1



Millions of Christian don't vote, then ask," What went wrong?" For those who say, "God will put into office who He wants." Did God want Bill Clinton or Obama? For those who say, "You can't legislate morality," all laws are someone's morality. Laws against slavery, murder and theft are legislations of morality. The Republican Party platform is the most conservative in history, while the Democrat's is the most radical. It's the difference between good and evil and morality and immorality. Matt Staver, of Liberty Council says, "If we make the wrong choice in this crucial election, our nation as we know it is gone.

Side A: 10/1/2016

Not Politically Correct part 2


The greatest threat to our nation is apathy and ignorance, presuming God will continue to bless our nation, despite our disobedience. Christ commanded His followers to BE salt and light. If you don't vote, how are you salt and light? Pastor, attorney, and candidate for US Senate, Bishop Jackson, says, "The future of our nation hangs in the balance of this one crucial election." For the first time in our history, the Democrat candidate for President has be interrogated by the FBI for criminal charges. She boasts how she, as Secretary of State, spread the LGBT (homosexual) agenda throughout the world.

Side B: 9/24/2016

Not Politically Correct part 1



Barna reports this shocking indictment: half of Christians don't vote. Some say they don't like either candidate for President so they refuse to vote. Pastor and candidate for US Senate, Bishop Jackson, says, "This election is not a personality contest but a choice for the kind of government we want. Do we want socialism or capitalism? For those who disdain politics, ask God if He cares about babies slaughtered, or immorality and corruption in government? Does He care about religious freedom? Then God cares about politics. Not voting is a sin, James 4:17. We are giving away the country that God gave us.

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