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Side A: 3/7/2015

The Truth About Ancient Man part 2


The Bible says Noah lived for 950 years! Adam, 930 years! Did people really live that long? If so, where's the evidence? Well, here it is. Dr Jack Cuozzo, author of Buried Alive - The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man, says the people who lived before the Flood were so different from us that scientists call them a different species. Of course their genetic make-up was different. They lived over 900+ years. Dr Cuozzo describes the huge bones of these ancient patriarchs. Before sin, there was no death. The proof is the teeth of lions and crocodiles that had molars for grinding vegetation not pointed for tearing flesh.

Side B: 2/28/2015

The Truth About Ancient Man part 1



The idea that ancient men were primitive brutes, cave men, is a myth based on evolution that contradicts the Biblical account. Ancient people had extreme intelligence, plus lived hundreds of years, and thus invented amazing things. Don Landis, editor of The Genius of Ancient Man-Evolution's Nightmare!, gives examples such as the thousands of pyramids around the world that used massive 100-ton stones fitted together so precisely you couldn't slide a credit card in the joints. In the religious tower of Babel, man rebelled against God and tried to be God. The religion of Babel is still here today in its various forms.

Side A: 2/21/2015

The Rise of Radical Islam part 2


Many Americans naively assume all religions are basically the same. That Islam is peaceful. That's what the Lebanese people believed before the Muslim take over. Then it became a living hell for Christians. Brigitte Gabriel, author of Because They Hate - A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America, says, "Lebanon was much like America - prosperous, open and democratic. But their multiculturalism led to their downfall. Brigitte tells how horrible it was to live in a shelter for 7 years without electricity, adequate food or drinkable water. Why did Muslims do that to her? Americans need to understand the danger of Islam here!

Side B: 2/14/2015

The Rise of Radical Islam part 1



How can we win a war on "terrorism" if we don't even know who our enemy is? Some schools promote Islam by taking children on field trips to mosques. Austin Miles tells of student role playing to become a Muslim. Kamal Saleem was a Muslim terrorist who came to America to convert Christians to Islam but instead, after a horrific car accident and paralysis, he called on Allah but got no answer. Then he had a vision of the Lord and Jesus miraculously healed him. Kamal is now an Ambassador for Christ who goes into Mosques to convert Muslims to Christ. He warns of a terrorist threat to our power grid.

Side A: 2/7/2015

The Truth About Raising Boys


Why are two-thirds of the D's and F's given to boys? Why do girls do better in school? The system is biased against boys. A boy's desire to learn is quenched by a system that doesn't understand how boys learn. There are scientific differences between the way boys and girls think and learn. Dr Michael Gurian, author of 26 books, including co-author of Raising Boys By Design, What the Bible and Brain Science Reveal About What Your Son Needs to Thrive, has done extensive research in brain science to help parents and educators understand boys and help them succeed. It's easier to build strong boys than to repair broken men.

Side B: 1/31/2015

The Truth About Common Core



Common core, the Federal take over of local education, is a massive experiment with the lives our children and the future of our nation. Common Core changes education from imparting knowledge to social change and socialism. The result will be a dumbed down populace that's compliant, non-thinking, who are followers instead of leaders, not innovators and inventors as prior generations. Kyle Olson, co-author with Glen Beck of Conform: Exposing the Truth About Common Core and Public Education says at a time when schools cost more and deliver less, options such as Choice in Education are being crushed by Common Core.

Side A: 1/24/2015

The Invisible God Becomes Visible - pt 2


No matter what you know about Jesus, there's a good possibility that you've been misinformed about the most amazing man who ever walked the earth. Famed Bible teacher Chuck Missler, author of I Jesus, An Autobiography, says Jesus claimed that everyone who ever lived would bow before Him; that He would determine the eternal destiny of everyone who ever lived; He will cast unbelievers into hell; the angels of heaven are His personal property. Jesus, omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient not only claimed equality with God but that He is actually God Himself. What will happen at the Rapture of the Church?

Side B: 1/17/2015

The Invisible God Becomes Visible - pt 1



What convinces a skeptic to become a believer in Christ? What do you say to a skeptic who says, "Since the Bible was written by men, how can it be God's Word?" David Limbaugh, an expert in Law and Politics and best selling author of Jesus On Trial- A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel, says, our culture has redefined Christ as non-judgmental, weak and effeminate. What convinced Limbaugh of the truth of the Bible was fulfilled prophecy and how interconnected the 66 books of the Bible are. God is not silent or indifferent to our suffering. He has been here as Jesus and understands all that we experience and suffer.

Side A: 1/10/2015

God's Amazing Animals part 2


Look at God's infinite thought and design in creating lovable, furry cats, faithful dogs, the inspirational eagle, and the amazing camel. Animals show feelings, such as a goat that acts as eyes for the blind horse. Austin Miles, an award-winning writer, was the ringmaster in the circus for 50 years. He tells poignant stories such as an elephant blockading the ring and stopping a stampede of elephants. He tells a tear-jerking story of an old, shaggy dog that was once a circus-performing dog. The dog knew Austin's routine and watched from a hiding place. But sadly, the circus had to leave this faithful dog behind.

Side B: 1/3/2015

God's Amazing Animals part 1



Some people say animals have no emotions but are just conditioned to respond. Do animals have feelings and emotions? What lessons can we learn from animals? Why did God create animals? Austin Miles, an award-winning writer of such things as the TV series Ancient Secrets of the Bible, was the ringmaster in the circus for 50 years. Austin tells touching stories such as a huge circus elephant that showed love for a small dog. How a pregnant chimp gave birth just before she died and handed her baby to the trainer. Chaplain Austin comforts dying people and tells how their animals grieve at their passing.

Side A: 12/27/2014

Christ's Presence


Why can't 80 million Christian's change this culture when just 12 Apostles changed the world for Christ? How can God mature baby Christians? How can we transform our culture unless Christ first transforms us? Frances Frangipane, author of The Days of His Presence- Experiencing the fullness of Christ as we enter the fullness of time, says, "It's only when we are pleasing to God that He gives us His transforming power. As evil gets worse God is raising up a people who passionately love Jesus and receive the fire of His Glory." How can Christ be your Lord unless you give Him control of your life? What is Christ-likeness?

Side B: 12/20/2014

For God So Loved The World



The Christmas Spirit goes far beyond gifts, friends, family and music. Renowned author, Max Lucado, author of 3:16-The Numbers of Hope, says people never tire of hearing about God's love for them. Jesus went from holding the stars in His hands to clutching Mary's little finger. Why did He come to earth? What is He like? He stopped the storm at sea but allowed soldiers to nail Him to the cross. Bruce Marchiano, the gifted actor who played the part of Jesus in the Gospel According to Matthew, gives an inspirational description of Jesus you will never forget it. Jesus' love is profound, but have you experienced it?

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