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Side A: 10/15/2016

Deliver Us From Evil part 2


For Christians who don't vote, you're giving our nation over to anti-Christian forces to rule over us. Matt Staver, founder of Liberty Council, says, "Behind the personalities of the candidates are vast differences in their party platforms." The difference is between life and death, homosexuality versus religious freedom, rule by the Constitution or the whims of between 3-5 radical Justices appointed if the President is the Democrat. This is a spiritual war where winner the will be determined, not by bullets, but by the ballots. If Christians don't vote, we will be persecuted by the most corrupt and evil rulers in history.

Side B: 10/8/2016

Deliver Us From Evil part 1



Millions of Christian don't vote, then ask," What went wrong?" For those who say, "God will put into office who He wants." Did God want Bill Clinton or Obama? For those who say, "You can't legislate morality," all laws are someone's morality. Laws against slavery, murder and theft are legislations of morality. The Republican Party platform is the most conservative in history, while the Democrat's is the most radical. It's the difference between good and evil and morality and immorality. Matt Staver, of Liberty Council says, "If we make the wrong choice in this crucial election, our nation as we know it is gone.

Side A: 10/1/2016

Not Politically Correct part 2


The greatest threat to our nation is apathy and ignorance, presuming God will continue to bless our nation, despite our disobedience. Christ commanded His followers to BE salt and light. If you don't vote, how are you salt and light? Pastor, attorney, and candidate for US Senate, Bishop Jackson, says, "The future of our nation hangs in the balance of this one crucial election." For the first time in our history, the Democrat candidate for President has be interrogated by the FBI for criminal charges. She boasts how she, as Secretary of State, spread the LGBT (homosexual) agenda throughout the world.

Side B: 9/24/2016

Not Politically Correct part 1



Barna reports this shocking indictment: half of Christians don't vote. Some say they don't like either candidate for President so they refuse to vote. Pastor and candidate for US Senate, Bishop Jackson, says, "This election is not a personality contest but a choice for the kind of government we want. Do we want socialism or capitalism? For those who disdain politics, ask God if He cares about babies slaughtered, or immorality and corruption in government? Does He care about religious freedom? Then God cares about politics. Not voting is a sin, James 4:17. We are giving away the country that God gave us.

Side A: 9/17/2016

For Such a Time As This part 2


All of our freedoms, including religious freedom, morality, and the right to life, have become political issues. Politics can be a tool in God's Hands to keep our freedom to preach the gospel. Rick Scarborough, President of Vision America, met with candidate Trump and was surprised at his openness, humility and kindness, unlike his persona on TV. It's either Trump or Clinton who will choose the next 3 or 4 Supreme Court Justices to determine the future of this nation. Cuts of Chris Christie & Ben Carson at the RNC. The RNC has created the most conservative platform in history including "choice in education."

Side B: 9/10/2016

For Such a Time As This part 1



Pastor Rick Scarborough, author of Enough is Enough and President of Vision America, was so shocked at the graphic AIDS assembly at his local high school, he motivated his congregation to get involved. People from his church got motivated to elect Christians. Charles Finney said, "God will bless or curse this nation according to the course Christians take in politics." Trump said he would repeal the reason so many pastors have been silenced. Democrat leadership has brought open homosexuality into the military, and has made a perilous "deal" with the Iran to get an atomic bomb that could destroy us.

Side A: 9/3/2016

Serious Threat to Religious Freedom part 2


Separation of church and state has no meaning when the state crushes the church. Attorney Brad Dacus, Pres. of P.J.I., says, "Cal SB 1146 is the most brazen attack to force Christian colleges to bow to homosexual propaganda. The state is telling Christian colleges they may not tell students what is immoral. If the state can make Christian colleges as corrupt as they have state colleges, why would students pay for a Christian college? The election of the next President will determine the future for 40 or so years by their choice of Supreme Court Justices. This election will determine if we have any religious freedom.

Side B: 8/27/2016

Serious Threat to Religious Freedom part 1



Christians are given a choice; renounce their beliefs or face state persecution and bankruptcy. Randy Thomasson says Cal SB 1146 will destroy religious freedom beginning with Christian colleges and spreading to K-12, to churches, and TV & radio. SB 1146 is a mandate for Christian colleges to accept homosexual professors or be sued for discrimination. This would allow students to sue their school for Biblical beliefs. Since the nation's textbooks are written for Cal standards, textbooks will glorify homosexuals, legitimize same sex marriage, allow nude boys into girl's lockers, and portray Christians as bigots.

Side A: 8/20/2016

The War on The American People


Is our government going to war against the American people? Our Founders warned us that an army inside our nation that makes us enemy combatants would crush our freedoms. Have police become transformed into soldiers? Swat teams terrorize and murder innocent people. John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute and author of Battlefield America - The War on The American People, compares the militarized police and loss of freedoms to Nazi Germany in the 1930's. Schools are being used to create a docile easily controlled populace. Schools have become "electronic concentration camps!"

Side B: 8/13/2016

The Masked Saint



"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Pastor Chris Whaley, author of The Masked Saint, was a pastor and at the same time a pro-wrestler who used his wresting skill to help defenseless women, old men, abused children, bullies and people being robbed at gun-point. Chris took on 4 Klansmen at night during a KKK meeting. Chris went out during the night wearing his wrestling costume to get men who were stealing Christmas presents from poor families. As a good Samaritan, Chris was a Christian version of Superman taking on evil in the name of Christ.

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