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Side A: 12/12/2015

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good part 2


Although America has liberated communist nations, now the Socialists and Marxists have waged war on capitalism and Christianity. Consider the dramatic changes! Christianity is criminalized while same sex marriage is legalized! Obamacare is destroying healthcare, and our nation is being bankrupted by an invasion of illegals. It's as if America has had a revolution. David Kupelian of World Net Daily and author of The Snapping of the American Mind, says universities indoctrinate students to hate their own country and capitalism. The sinister over-drugging of 4 to 5 million mostly boys, who are labeled ADHD.

Side B: 12/5/2015

Calling Good Evil and Evil Good part 1



We've gone from a Christian nation to a nation where Christianity is criminalized. A few years ago, evil & immorality were seen as destructive, but today evil is called good and good is called evil. How has our nation changed so dramatically? David Kupelian, V.P. of World Net Daily and author of The Snapping of the American Mind, says we are in a spiritual war, where words have been changed to mean the exact opposite. The words Socialism and Marxism have been re-defined. Tolerance means intolerance of Christians. The horror of abortion is simply a woman's choice. How can we heal our nation?

Side A: 11/28/2015

Truly Thankful


Why was Thanksgiving established? Schools teach that Thanksgiving was a feast for racial harmony with Indians. Peter Marshall, author of The Light and The Glory, describes the first Thanksgiving when Pilgrims had only 5 kernels of corn. Connie Ricks reads a diary (fictitious) of a girl who came over on the Mayflower. Dr John Pafford says it was the strong Christian faith of the Pilgrims that established this nation as a Christian commonwealth and fostered a free market economy. Pastor Garrett Lear, whose ancestors came here on the Mayflower, says Christians need to reclaim this nation for Christ.

Side B: 11/21/2015

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness



School shootings of unarmed students in class shocks the nation! But behind the headlines the true damage is done to the victim's family. How can parents deal with the senseless murder of their own children? In 2008, while Joe Dubowski, author of Cartwheels in the Rain- Finding Faith in the Wake of the Unthinkable, was exchanging Valentines with his wife, a tragedy was taking place at his daughter's university. An angry gunman shot and killed their lovely Christian daughter along with 5 others. Although Joe and his wife felt profound grief, they emerged by forgiving the murderer as Christ commands.

Side A: 11/14/2015

Defending America part 2


Why are public schools promoting Islam when Christianity gave us freedom and prosperity? Martin Mawyer, author of Twilight In America -The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America, describes the 3 dozen camps he has personally seen and how they plan to take over America for Allah. Dr Bob Morey, an expert on Islam, and author of over 40 books, has two doctorates, says Muslims are planning a massive attack (with a nuclear device) in America to bring this nation under subjection to the barbaric Sharia Law. How can we prevent and even defeat this coming Islamic invasion?

Side B: 11/7/2015

Defending America part 1



Veterans Day is a day to celebrate America's military heroes, but schools today downplay heroism and emphasize tolerance and diversity. President Obama discriminates against Christians but nominated the first open homosexual to head the US Army as Secretary of the Army. To produce heroes to defend our freedom, we need to teach students about the sacrifices made for their freedoms. Jeremiah Denton tells how his faith in God brought him through the most severe torture in Viet Nam. John Steer gives a fascinating account of his experiences in Viet Nam and how he took the gospel to Russian generals.

Side A: 10/31/2015

Exodus pt 2


Ray Moore, President of Exodus Mandate, compares the saving of the Allied Army at Dunkirk, to the saving of Christian children from enemy assaults in public schools. A Christian public school teacher says parents think their child is being "salt and light," but he sees them lose their faith in his school and has started a Christian school in his church. Dr Bob Simonds, ThD., Founder of CEE, says "Every church is a school." With the US Supreme Court decision on homosexual marriage, there is a dramatic increase in homosexuals going into teaching. Cuts of Pastors Chuck Smith, DJ Kennedy & Joseph Morecraft.

Side B: 10/24/2015

Exodus pt 1



Chaplain Ray Moore, retired Army Lt. Col, and President of Exodus Mandate, says trying to make public schools "Christian" is like trying to teach a pig to dance. We get dirty and the pig gets mad. It's time for Christians to leave this pagan school system and educate their own children. If we've lost the culture war it has been because Christians have been fighting symptoms instead of the root cause - education. 94% of homeschooled children continue as Christians, compared to 80% of public schooled students who lose their faith. Common Core is the federal takeover of education from local control.

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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